Australian Workshop Tour

Australian Workshop Tour - Touring this spring in WA, QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and TAS

Paw, Face and Ear Reflexology for Pets
PERTH only, August 31 st 2024 10am till 5pm

Reflexology is a powerful tool to help the health and wellbeing of our companion animals. It is safe, cost effective and beneficial. This workshop is open to all animal lovers, reflexologists and animal wellness practitioners. 

Investment is $250 (including certificate).  

Textbook – Reflexology for Dogs ($60) Cash sale on the day.


The SpinaReiki Method™ Workshop

This workshop melds the energy of Reiki with craniosacral therapy (particularly tapping into the movement of cerebrospinal fluid) to enhance wellness for the spine and the whole body. The SpinaReiki™ Method is an energetic realignment for the spine as well as a method for balancing the nervous, endocrine and lymphatic systems. No prior knowledge of CST or spinal anatomy is needed. The class is six hours and open to all levels and lineages of Reiki and professional energy healers.  

SpinaReiki ™ BUNDABERG @Zen on Elliot, September 22nd 2024

SpinaReiki™ LISMORE @Yemaya Centre, October 20th, 2024

SpinaReiki™ WARILLA @Pilates Haus, October 26th, 2024

SpinaReiki™ Bondi, SYDNEY, October 27th, 2024


Investment is $250 (including manual and certificate.

The AcuReiki Method  Workshop

This workshop melds acupressure and reflexology points with traditional (and non traditional) Usui Reiki hand positions.  The AcuReiki Method covers the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine wisdom and how it combines so well with Reiki. 

A  guided treatment gives you a deeper understanding of the smaller energy acupoints and meridian balancing that occurs when we share hands on Reiki.  The class is three hours and open to all levels and lineages of Reiki and professional energy healers. 

AcuReiki BRISBANE @Soul Space Brisbane, October 1st, 2024

AcuReiki LISMORE @Yemaya Centre, October 21st 2024

AcuReiki MELBOURNE @Ashtanga Yoga Centre, November 3rd, 2024


Investment is $150 (including manual and certificate).