Workplace wellness is becoming an essential part of what organisations offer their employees

Corporate Services

Multiple international studies (primarily in Denmark and the UK) have shown reflexology has notable positive effects in the workplace.
Proven improvements include:

  • Reduced workplace stress;
  • Reduced headaches, back pain and muscular tension;
  • Reduced numbers of sick leave days taken; and
  • Improved morale.

 My own experience, providing corporate reflexology services for over ten years, backs up this research completely. I have received numerous positive reports and testimonials about my work with corporate clients (link to testimonials).

My present corporate clientele includes Sovereign/AIA and AIG insurance and Auckland Transport.

Certification and Legal Obligations

I am a fully certified reflexologist with 20 years of experience. I maintain full insurance, and observe all relevant health & safety compliance requirements.  I also have a COVID-19 policy/procedure manual available on request. 

Booking Arrangements

My work involves coming into the workplace and setting up a massage table in a convenient quiet location (usually a meeting or first aid room). Sessions can be as short as 20 minutes or as long as an hour. Sessions are booked in advance using the client intranet/room booking system, or online tools such as Microsoft Teams where available. I require minimal admin support from my corporate clients.
With my present corporate clientele I find that a weekly or fortnightly session day is usually fully booked, and I establish bookings based upon demand.


I am flexible about means of payment. Some clients prefer full subsidy (where I am paid by the client company by the day or half day). Others prefer partial or zero subsidy with direct payments (where I am paid by each client staff member individually). I am more than happy to discuss what works for you.

My corporate rates are as follows:

  • Full subsidization: $200 per half day (3 hours)
  • Individual staff price: $25 per 20 mins

Feel free to contact me, we can arrange a meeting and a complimentary session, and I can show you in person how I can help you to improve your workplace.