Ultimate reflexology guidebook for cats

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Reflexology for Cats is a comprehensive guide to connecting to,
and healing, your feline companion.  

It focuses on reflexology, but also deals with several other holistic therapies

The book contains many illustrations and photographs and
casestudies from experts in holistic animal healing.

Snippets from the book


Cats also experience stress just like us. Chronic stress is the most common cause of all illness and disease in pets and humans alike. Stress contributes to 85% of all major illnesses and plays a crucial part in nearly every condition that a veterinarian treats.


Cats in particular have received a bad rep as being emotionless but it is the opposite that is true. Author Jeffrey Masson, in his book The Nine Emotional Lives of Cats, has identified nine primary emotions- narcissism, love, contentment, attachment, jealously, fear, anger, curiosity and playfulness.