Reflexology is a unique way to restore and treat our bodies through the connected pathways within our bodies.


Jackie is the best reflexologist I’ve ever been treated by. She is a committed and thoroughly trained professional. She gives a peaceful, healing session. She has the rare magic touch of a healer.

Sam Pillsbury

Wine maker/film director, Arizona, USA

Reflexology is the art, study or science of working the feet, hands and ears which contain a mirror image or a complete map of your entire body.

Using a specific touch techniques, which could be described as a cross between massage and acupressure, a practitioner can assist the body reach its natural state of well-being. 

Reflexology is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that is ideal for anyone of any age.   Although reflexology acts as a general tonic for all systems in the body, reflexology is particularly beneficial for:

  • Reducing stress and tension
  • Musculoskeletal tension – neck, shoulder, lower back and sciatic nerve
  • Assisting the reproductive system and controlling hormonal fluctuations, which can help women who are pre-menstrual, menopausal, pregnant or trying to become pregnant
  • Pain control – headaches, sinus, menstrual cramps, childbirth, arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc
  • Asthma – helps to strengthen lung and bronchial tissue
  • Disharmony within the digestive system – constipation, hyperacidic stomach, etc
  • Insomnia or sleeping difficulties

 I also have researched and created two books adapting principles of reflexology to cats & dogs respectively see more here.

Books on Reflexology for Cats & Dogs